Our Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles are available to purchase, whether you’d like to buy one for yourself, someone you know, an employee or a whole group of people.

The Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle is a heavy duty machine capable of doing 15,000km per year while consistently carrying 100kg of cargo on carrier. The Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle has shown under testing that it will not experience any major mechanical failure or wear out within the first two years.

Read more about the Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle here.

The Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle is available at a cost of R2 850.00 which includes:

  • Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle, engineered by World Bicycle Relief specifically for African terrain
  • Helmet
  • Lock
  • Pump
  • Bicycle tool
  • Delivery to major cities within South Africa (delivery outside of these areas will be charged at a nominal extra fee)

Bulk orders of 1,100 or more Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles can be customised with your organisation’s branding and logos.

To order a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle or find out more about bicycle purchases, email info@qhubeka.org.

Click here to download the Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle brochure.


Here are a few examples of people who have purchased Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles for different reasons: