Thank you for your interest in joining our fundraising community. When you choose to fundraise for us, you join Qhubeka supporters around the world who are excited to commit to mobilising people on bicycles. Whether your goal is to change the life of one entrepreneur or to provide bicycles to an entire school, we look forward to seeing how you engage your friends and community.



Whether you want to give up your birthday, donate a special event or do something sporty, the first task as a Qhubeka Buffalo MOB member is to choose the amount you want to raise. Your goal could be based on a single event or on the total amount you’d like to raise for Qhubeka during 2016. When you set your goal bear in mind that it costs Qhubeka R2 850.00 to deliver a Buffalo Bicycle complete with pump, lock, helmet and tool through our programmes.

If you have any queries about fundraising for us please send an email to donations@qhubeka.org

Some milestones you might want to aim for:

  • Raise at least 1 bicycle (R2 850)
  • Raise at least 2 bicycles (R5 700)
  • Raise at least 5 bicycles (R14 250)
  • Raise at least 10 bicycles (R28 500)
  • Raise at least 25 bicycles (R71 250)
  • Fund 779 bicycles and get your event/corporate colours on the bicycles (R2 200 000)
*Values shown represent real needs and expenses in the field. Your gift will be used to provide life-changing transportation through our programmes where the need is greatest.


We hope you’re ready to set up your Qhubeka Fundraising account, which will help track, your progress, involve your friends and collect donations.

Follow these steps to set up your fundraising page:

  1. Go to: https://www.givengain.com/join/
  2. Provide an first name, last name, email address and password
  3. Login and create your fundraising page
  4. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family


After you’ve signed up to for a fundraising page to track donations made to Qhubeka in your name you can start raising funds. Click here to access our fundraisers’ kit, which is full of resources to help you persuade people to part with their cash for a good cause. It includes posters, photos and letters to help share your story.

If you stuck for an idea of how to fundraise for us here are a few ideas.

Pledge a special occasion

Instead of birthday, wedding or other special occasion gifts, ask your friends and family to make a donation to Qhubeka. Who needs a new toaster / bottle of wine / cufflinks / flowers when you could change someone’s life with a bicycle?

Host an event

If you’re holding an event, whether it’s a gala dinner, cycle, a special birthday party, or a sports event, you can choose Qhubeka as your beneficiary. We are a registered non-profit public benefit corporation.

Use your skills

If you have a hobby or talent, why not use it to raise funds for Qhubeka? Whether it’s baking and selling cakes at a school fete, organising a community car wash, selling photos, or offering your handyman skills to raise funds, put your strengths to good use by raising money to donate to Qhubeka. The sky is the limit!

Move your body

If you’re taking part in a cycling or other sporting event, you can help to raise funds for Qhubeka by giving us your voice and your legs. If you would like to fundraise through a sports event – be it the Comrades Marathon, Iron Man, Dusi or a cycling event – you will need to register for the event yourself, but please let us know which event you will be participating in so we can cheer you along online.

If you’re still stuck take a look at our 37 Great Ways to fundraise for Qhubeka.


Dedicate five minutes every day to spreading the word about who we are and what we do on social media. Start by following or subscribing to our social media accounts; then share our posts with your friends and followers.

Where to find us online:

Facebook: Like our page and our status updates and share these with your friends. Leave comments on our updates and share your Qhubeka stories and photos.

Twitter: Follow us for the latest Qhubeka news and Retweet our updates to your follows. Ask us questions, use our hash-tags and Tweet us your Qhubeka stories and photos.

Instagram: Follow for inspiring pictures and stories of how bicycles change lives.

YouTube: Subscribe to our channel, watch our latest clips, like our videos and share them with your friends and family.

Pinterest: Follow us and re-pin our posts that you find inspiring.

If you have any queries about fundraising for us please send an email to donations@qhubeka.org


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