Greater Giyani Schools

Greater Giyani Schools

Learn-to-earn Programmes:  Scholar Mobility

Schoolchildren earn Qhubeka Bicycles by committing to improve their school attendance. Bicycles make it easier and faster to get to school.

Between August and September 2019 four bicycle distributions took place in the Greater Giyani area of South Africa’s Limpopo province.  A total of 1 400 bicycles were distributed.  1 212 of the bicycles went into schools that we are working with, and the remainder were distributed to bicycle mechanics, Community Policing Forums and Tribal Authorities in the area.

“This programme is what we call a Qhubeka SHIFT, which aims to help shift an entire community forward using bicycles,” explained Qhubeka Executive Director, Tsatsi Phaweni. “When we commit to a Qhubeka SHIFT programme, our intention is to distribute 5 000 bicycles into a single geographic region over a period of a few years. This builds a new bicycle culture and transforms entire communities. We’re seeing that in Giyani, in the way that people are embracing cycling as a means of transport, but also as something to do for fun. With bicycles, people’s access to schools, clinics and jobs is improved, and they can travel faster and further, and carry more.”

As part of its SHIFT programmes, Qhubeka also trains up bicycle mechanics in the community to ensure the longevity of the bicycles distributed. This also creates economic opportunities for the mechanics, who are trained not only on maintaining and repairing bicycles, but also receive basic business training.  Working hand in hand with the community policing forum and tribal authorities ensure that our beneficiaries stay safe on the bicycles.

Qhubeka partners with private, public and civil sector organisations to deliver greater impact. The bicycles distributed during August and September were funded by grassroots fundraising (individuals who have fundraised or donated), sales of Qhubeka merchandise and beaded bracelets along with funds raised by Team Dimension Data and their Bicycles Change Lives campaign.

Schools that have received bicycles in Giyani include:

  • Chameti High School
  • Khomani Mbhalati Secondary School
  • Sasekani High School
  • Zava High School
  • Manghezi High School
  • Makheto High School
  • Gija Ngove Secondary School
  • Ndhambi High School

Watch our Greater Giyani area video here:


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Sally Field
Sally Jarvie
Sally Hammond
Sally  Stacey
Sally  Cruickshanks
Sam Mattey
Sam Manne
Sam Diamond
Sam Amod
Sam van Iseghem and friends Camille, Martin, Ysaline, Jérôme and Tom
Samantha Griffiths
Samantha Jones
Samantha Joubert Harrison
Samantha Peddie
San Chu
Sandile Dube
Sandra Lee
Sandrine Jarnet
Sandy Pizzio
Sanele Dlamini
Sanzio Maasdorp
Sapna Sirohi
Sara Colas
Sarah Barkle
Sarah Brown
Sarah Goulbourne
Sarah Wilson
Sarah Vickers
Sarah King
Sarah Jones
Sarah Phiri
Sarah Tynes
Sarah  Kinsey
Sarai Howkins
SCOR Africa
Scott Taylor
Scott Russell
Scott Cruikshank
Scott Thorpe
Scott Gibson
Sean Robinson
Sean and Gayle Duffy
Sebastian Bowler
Sergé Witkowsky
Sergio Tepeyac
Shaheed  Russon
Shane Mansur
Sharmila Selvam
Sharon Dudley
Shaun Denham
Shaun Bowler
Shaun Strydom
Shaun Matthews
Shawn Price
Shiraan Lagardien
Siddharth Singh
Simon Case
Simon Tupper
Simon Dodd
Simon Gasson
Simon Kam Cheong
Simon Brimble
Simon Van Uytrecht
Simon  Edsall
Simon and Maria Holdcroft
Simone Tiberio
Sindre A Eskedal
Siobhan Steel
Siobhan Henn
Siya Khumalo
SJ Hiemstra
Sophia Worden
Sophie  Erskine
Spiro Zambelis
Stan Smit
Stefan Thomas
Stefan Suter
Stefano Mordasini
Stepan Kveton
Stephen Lockwood
Stephen Honey
Stephen Kelly
Stephen Saggers
Stephen Jones
Stephen Plumb
Stephen Nola
Stephen Gill
Stephen Papale
Stephen Dunant
Steve Webb
Steve Attwell
Steve  Wild
Steven Sherrill
Steven Davies
Stewart Gibson
Street Tea
Stu Maclaren
Stuart Abbott
Stuart Le’Clere
Stuart Guy
Stuart Spence
Sua Du Plessis
Sue Parker
Sureka Rambakus
Surita Siebrits
Susan Squire
Susan Edge
Susana  Jimenez
Susanna Jones
Susanne Dippel
Susanne Müller
Susi Dunn
Suzy  Giele
Svein-Erik Vatle
Sven Eastwood
Sven Hungerbühler
Sven van Straaten
Tadhg Reid
Takeharu Tashiro
Tal Harpaz
Talia Pillay
Tamer Soliman
Tamilla Busansky
Tan Thien Ngo
Tanya Morgan
Tanya  Eyre
Tara Hogg
Tara Anderson
Tarja Jakunaho
Tash Balwanth
Tatsuya Toyooka
Tawei Wan
Tebogo Ngoasheng
Terence Goodlace
Terrence Hotting
Terri Boykin
Tess  Page-Ratcliff
Tetsuya Saito
Thabiso  Motha
Thabo Nyaku
Thamie Ntiwane
The Pedal Club
Thea Jamieson
Themba Chakela
Themba and Judy Chakela
Theo Huckle QC
Theodor Schmitz
Thera van’t Hof
Theresho  Choenyana
Therina Van der Walt
Thierry Dufour
Thomas Bennett
Thomas Wismer
Thomas Menzler
Thomas Henry Underhay
Thomas X Gladstone
Tim Newbold
Tim Giles
Tim Katz
Timothy Johnston
Tin Hartwright
Tippy Todd
Tom Dodds
Tom Hargreaves
Tom McGrail
Tony Koutakis
Tour de Genesys making a difference
Tracey and Mark Ward
Tracey Ward
Trevor Macarewich
Tricia Williams
Trish White
Ty Gould
Tyler Willingale
Tyrene Homewood
Uma Natra
Vaibhav Kumar
Val  Martin
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Venice Li
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Vicki Bawden
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Wihl Vermaak
Wilhelm Endres
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Yann-alexandre Sowka
Yannic Rüger
Yash Naidoo
Yiannis Vassilakis
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Yvonne Koay
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