Gugulethu Goes Green School Initiative

Work-to-earn Programme:  Eco

Children earn Qhubeka Bicycles by collecting plastic bottles for recycling.

Reakgile Pudumo

Founder and Director Ekasi Recycling Company

Mr. Pudumo started the Ekasi Recycling company in 2014.  Ekasi Recycling, in partnership with schools in Gugulethu, started the “Gugulethu Goes Green” Initiative to encourage recycling among learners in his community.

“When I started I wanted to drive education about recycling and environmental awareness. We teach pupils in Grades 6 and 7 about recycling and being responsible citizens. We urge them to promote the culture of cleanliness. We then motivate these pupils to come to school with recyclable material. We then incentivised the pupil who has collected the most recyclables with a bicycle.”  (Reakgile Pudumo:  Khaya, 2018, n.p.)



Khaya, S. (2018).  Gugs goes green with recycling [Article].  https://www.vukaninews.co.za/news/gugs-goes-green-with-recycling-16367962