Lofentse Girls High School

Learn-to-earn Programmes

Schoolchildren earn Qhubeka Bicycles by committing to improve their school attendance.  Bicycles make it easier and faster to get to school.




“Having spent four months on a bicycle, I know full well what an amazing means of transport it can be. I wouldn’t have gone to many of the places that I did in a car, or an airplane. I hope this doesn’t sound too cliché, but having a bike has changed my life. I feel humbled, and lucky to have been able to do the Tour d’Afrique. If the money I have raised can give someone else even a fraction of the enjoyment I have got out of my own ride, I cannot ask for more.”

Stephanie Barker, a student who rode from Cairo to Cape Town and raised more than R100 000 for Qhubeka



“The City has committed to an ongoing bicycle programme in the region, which has included constructing bicycle lanes and funding bicycles to help schoolchildren and adults with personal transport. With a bicycle, access to schools, clinics and jobs improves.”

Qhubeka Executive Director, Tsatsi Phaweni

A very special thank you to the following fundraisers and donors for their generous contribution.

Alison Gayler
Graham Spiro
Scott Mitchell
Svein-Erik Vatle
Nathan Haas
Ruth Duke
Steph Barker
Alexa Clark
Roberto Goizueta
Sam Keller
Daisy Massey
Jonathan  Massey
Morris Scott
Kathryn Abraham
Graham Adler
Sally Barkee
Holly Barker
Ella Barker
Ken Barker
Barker Insurance
Rhett Barker
Mike Barnes
Douglas Barrow
Michelle Boscia
Ernst Boshoff
Sandra Burkett
Beverley Clark
Monika and Brett Clark
Thomas Collins
Henry Collins
Stuart Cutler
Alessandra De Oliveira
Anonymous Donors
Philip Faure
Leonard Fine
Louise Forsyth
Beverley Fraser
Debbie Greve
Robert Haden Smith
Amy Harrison
Richard Hollis
Russell Hooker
George Joubert
Edward Legg
Victoire Lienau
Sarah McDonald
Roscoe Millar
Craig Ormrod
Carla Prentice
Dominique  Pretorius
Gavin Routledge
Elizabeth Steele
Debbi Talmage
Donald Thomas
Nicole Tobias