Maqoqa Secondary School

Learn-to-earn Programmes

Schoolchildren earn Qhubeka Bicycles by committing to improve their school attendance. Bicycles make it easier and faster to get to school.



Nobuhle’s Story

“If there is an emergency, I am able to ride my bike very quickly and help my family members. It is very precious to me. My home is far from the school, so my bike is helping me to be early at school. Now I’m not lazy for going to school anymore because of my precious bicycle.”



Lungisane’s Story

 “It changed my life by putting me early in the school and also to get home early so that I can help my family with home duties, such as to cook for them.  One day I want to be a CA and the bicycle is helping me to attend every class during school days and holidays and it helps me to get more time to study.”