35 more bicycles donated by dosomethingNOW!

dosomethingNOW! (DSN) was founded in 2008 as the vision of San Diego resident, Dr Harve Meskin, to help address some of the challenges in many of the world’s underdeveloped areas. Its mission has been to provide bicycles to those living in impoverished areas by giving them the ability to obtain essential services (for example, clean water, medical care, education, firewood, or aid in bringing goods to market), thereby enriching their lives and communities.

DSN has, over the past few years, facilitated the donation of  bicycles to schoolchildren, orphans, healthcare workers and aspiring business men and women. In more recent times, DSN has worked with Qhubeka and helped donate an incredible 110 bicycles. On 13 March 2014, 35 bicycles funded by DSN were handed over to healthcare workers from Atlantis in the Western Cape province of South Africa through Qhubeka’s implementation partner, World Vision. These bicycles will enable the healthcare workers to take care of the needs of double the number of patients every day than they have been able to, without transport.

“We are grateful to Harve Meskin and his team at dosomethingNOW! for their continued support of Qhubeka,” says Qhubeka Director Anthony Fitzhenry. “It was a great pleasure to have Howard Schachat representing the organisation at the recent handover, to see the difference that these bicycles are making in communities in South Africa. A person can travel four times faster and carry five times as much with a bicycle than without, and by providing healthcare workers with bicycles, dosomethingNOW! has exponentially increased the impact that they will make in their communities.”

“It is always with great satisfaction that we witness first-hand the joy and excitement on the faces of the bicycle recipients.  We in the States often take something as simple as a bicycle for granted, but now have realised the life-changing effect they have on those in need,” says Harve Meskin.  Howard Schachat adds: “Working with Qhubeka’s great team has been a pleasure and has made the transfer of bikes smooth and efficient.”

For more information on dosomethingNOW! visit www.do-something-now.org.





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