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37 ways to fundraise for Qhubeka

We often have people asking us how they can support Qhubeka or get involved in helping us to mobilise more people with bicycles. Find out more about how to fundraise for Qhubeka here.

One of the best ways you can assist us is by raising funds towards more bicycles who work or study to earn them through our programmes. Not sure where to start when it comes to fundraising? No problem –  here are 37 ideas to inspire you:

Fundraise with colleagues

1. Charge everyone to dress differently for the day

This could mean everyone in your office agrees to wear casual clothes, slippers, a specific colour or a certain sports team’s jersey. Collect a fee from everyone who participates.

2. Hold an old-school sports day

Think games like sack races, egg and spoon and tug-of-war, and the losing team makes a donation. Don’t forget to sell refreshments too!

3. Sell raffle tickets

Get your local cinema, gym or restaurant to donate a fantastic prize and then raffle the tickets in the office.

4. Have a cake sale

Bring in sweet treats for the office and sell them in aid of Qhubeka.

5. Get active

Organise a lunchtime office fun run or walk, for a fee.

6. Collect change

Put a collection box on your desk and let everyone know that anything they put in there will go to Qhubeka.

7. Collect fines

Set up a swear box at work and raise a fortune.

8. Sweat it

Walk or cycle to work for a week and donate the money you save.

9. Be the office servant

Be paid for a day to do all the jobs no one else wants to do.

10. Tie yourself to a colleague

Just make sure they willing and get sponsored for your double-dare.

Fundraise with friends and family

11. Have a dinner party

Throw a dinner party with friends, charge per plate and compete to see who is the best chef.

12. Play dodgeball

Hold a retro fancy dress dodgeball tournament at your local sports centre.

13. Host a quiz night

Put a quiz night together and charge a cover fee for the evening. Or organise with your local pub to dedicate the proceeds of their next quiz night to Qhubeka.

14. Sell a service

Are you good at hanging pictures, giving foot massages or can you fix a puncture in 30 seconds? Sell these services and make a bundle for Qhubeka.

15. Swim together

Get a team of friends together to swim the length (or width) of your local river.

16. Clean the house

Do all the household chores (in exchange for a fee of course).

17. Hold a Karaoke party

Hold a party where people pay to sing (or where you pay some people not to sing).

18. Sell your stuff

Sell your unwanted items in a car boot sale or online and donate the proceeds to Qhubeka.

19. Run a caption competition

Share your favourite pic with your friends and family and let them come with captions in exchange for donations. Incentivise this with a prize of some sort.

Challenge yourself

20. Complete something you never thought you could

What sporting challenge do you never think you could complete? A half marathon? The Absa Cape Epic? Bungee jumping? Go for it and get sponsored by friends and family members. Their support will keep you going when you feel like giving up.

21. Do it your own way

Get sponsored to complete a race of any distance in your own way – on skates, backwards, in fancy dress, pulling a trailer…

22. Watch TV

Get sponsored to watch your least favourite sport or TV show for eight hours straight.

23. Skip your daily coffee

Instead, donate the money you save to Qhubeka.

24. Dress up

Get sponsored to dress up as your favourite sports star or celebrity.

25. Shut up

Exercise your willpower with a sponsored silence for the day.

26. Give up

Get sponsored to give something up. Choose anything from your phone to facebook to chocolate.

27. Wax it

Guys: get sponsored to wax those hairy bits.

28. Make a change

Get sponsored to make a big personal change like getting into shape or quitting smoking.

29. Donate your birthday

Instead of giving you birthday gifts ask friends and family members to donate towards a bicycle for a child on your GivenGain fundraising page.

Cycle it

30. Do your own sponsored cycle challenge

Decide which two landmarks you want to cycle between and get some friends involved.

31. Cycle everywhere

Get sponsored to cycle everywhere for a week (avoiding stairs, of course).

32. Host a spinathon

Organise a spinathon in aid of Qhubeka at your local spinning club or gym.

33. Try Everesting

Join a exclusive group of people who have cycled the equivalent altitude of Everest in a single ride on their bikes. Visit the website for info.

34. Host a coffee ride

Head out for a cycle, chat about Qhubeka and then buy coffee for everyone after in exchange for a donation to Qhubeka.

35. Go the distance

Set yourself a kilometre goal and then get friends and family members to sponsor you R1 for every kilometre you finish.

36. Hold a distance exercise bike relay

Dust that exercise bike off and get sponsored to cycle the distance between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

37. Ride a Buffalo

Make any challenge that much tougher by attempting it on a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle. Buy one for your challenge for R2 250.


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