4 fun ways to fundraise for Qhubeka

If you’re looking to help us mobilise more people with bicycles, but you’re not sure how, here are four possibilities to consider:

  1. Donate your birthday or Christmas gifts to us. Many of us have everything we need in life – in fact, more than we need. For many school children in South Africa, that is not the case. Half a million school kids in South Africa walk more than an hour each day to school and back. With a bicycle from Qhubeka through our Bicycle Education Empowerment Programme (BEEP) with World Vision, children can get to school up to three times faster. Because of this, schools where children participate in BEEP see attendance rise by 18%. In lieu of gifts from family and friends, why not ask them to make a donation to Qhubeka towards bicycles for children in BEEP? You can start your own fundraising page on GivenGain, like Wendy has here, which will take about 2min.
  2. Guys, grow a moustache for us (preferably a handlebar moustache, of course). Start a fundraising page for Qhubeka, and get your friends and family to vote by making a donation towards “saving it or shaving it”. Whichever camp wins, you need to oblige. Challenge your friends to do the same. Take a look at Stuart’s Handlebar for Handlebars campaign.
  3. Shop for Christmas gifts with Qhubeka’s gift catalogue. Take a look at our range of great gifts, select something for yourself or your loved ones, and help us to #GiveHope to kids in Kzn who need bicycles at the same time. We’re aiming to raise 250 bicycles for children in 2015 through our year-end campaign. Alternatively, make a donation towards the #GiveHope campaign in your loved one’s name, and you’ll get a Qhubeka gift card to send to them explaining the difference it will help to make.
  4. Challenge your friends on social media using #MatchMe. Make a donation to Qhubeka and then Tweet or post to Facebook: “I just donated X amount to @qhubeka. I challenge you to #MatchMe at http://goo.gl/QbcJuD!” Click here to tweet this (remember to insert the amount you’ve donated).

Have any other interesting fundraising ideas? Start your own fundraising page here, and then drop us a mail to tell us about what you’re doing at wendy@qhubeka.org.

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