4 Great Reasons to Ride for a Purpose with Qhubeka

We’re calling all cyclists to choose to ride the Momentum 94.7 Cycle Challenge for Qhubeka this year. Here’s why:

  1. Your ride can change a child’s future. Your Qhubeka race package fee includes a donation that helps us to mobilise more people with bicycles. A child with a bicycle can get to school three times faster than a child who has to walk to school, meaning children who cycle to school on Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles arrive less tired and better able to concentrate, and their academic results improve on average by 25%.
  2. Your ride can create opportunities for new micro businesses. A Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle increases a person’s carrying capacity by five times, which means that many of our recipients who have worked to earn a bicycle use the Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle to start a business, whether it’s collecting and selling scrap metal, or transporting wholesale goods into their communities and selling them door-to-door.
  3. Your ride can inspire future cyclists. Songezo Jim, the professional cyclist who rides with Team MTN-Qhubeka p/b Samsung, learnt to ride a bicycle at age 14. Why? Because he was so inspired by the cycle race that passed by his home in Cape Town that he signed up to join a cycle club, even though he didn’t own a bicycle. Today, Songezo is a member of Africa’s first
    UCI registered Pro Continental team and is inspiring many other young South Africans to cycle. Qhubeka hopes to provide more of these children with the bicycles they need to chase that dream.
  4. Your ride is good for you. At Qhubeka we love bicycles not only because they’re a symbol of hope and an environmentally-friendly, inexpensive form of transportation, but because they provide people with a healthy, sociable way to exercise too. Your bicycle is a tool for keeing fit and healthy, meeting people and having fun.
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