What a bicycle handover looks like in Limpopo

Ever wondered what one of our Bicycle Handovers is like? This year in partnership with World Vision we have been handing over 250 bicycles to learners through our Bicycle Education Empowerment Programme (BEEP) every week during school terms.

Last Thursday, 24 July, 250 learners at four schools in the Enable region of Limpopo, South Africa received bicycles. This handover was funded through donations from World Bicycle Relief. Qhubeka is World Bicycle Relief’s project in South Africa.

Here are a few pics from the day:

Bicycles Change Lives

As we pulled into the school for the handover we spotted this group of kids with their bicycles from the last handover in the area. It was great to catch up with some previous Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle recipients in Limpopo. These kids love their bicycles and couldn’t wait to pose for us.

A bicycle handover

It takes a village to hand over bicycles. Nelly from World Vision South Africa is seen here putting helmets, pumps and locks on the bicycles.

Qhubeka Bicycle Mechanic

For every 500 bicycles in our BEEP programme one mechanic is trained. Lucky is working in the Enable area and is seen here doing a final check on the bicycles before the handover.

Bicycle Safety Guides

Two soon-to-be Qhubeka Buffalo bicycle recipients study their Bicycle Safety Guides.

Riding a bicycle for the first time

Do you remember the feeling of riding a bicycle for the first time? A mixture of fear and exhilaration. And then suddenly you find your rhythm and feel free for the first time.

Cycling commute in South Africa

A group of kids leave the school for their first commute home on their Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles.

Girl with a bicycle in limpopo

Modjadji, who received a bicycle today wants to be a fashion designer when she finishes school. She hopes her new bicycle will help her attend school more often which will allow her to achieve her dreams.

A bicycle means Freedom

This pic of kids leaving the school with their Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles for the first time is a great symbol of what a bicycle means to these kids. A bicycle means freedom –  freedom to access education, healthcare and economic opportunity.

Qhubeka South Africa

Since 2005 Qhubeka has handed over more than 45 000 bicycles to recipients who have earned them through work done to improve their communities, environments or academic results. As this pic shows there are still a lot of kids who need a bicycle to access school. Donate today and make a difference.

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