Behind the scenes at Qhubeka: our invaluable IVECO vans

As an organisation working to mobilise people with bicycles, we are all about transport. We know that transport is a fundamental element of development. Without it, people can’t access education, healthcare or economic opportunities. We believe that by helping people to earn a bicycle and providing them with one, we not only improve their mobility, but their future outlook. Of course, we couldn’t get bicycles to the people in our programmes without our own transport, and that’s where our vans come in.

Delivered from Branding Front

Generously donated to us by IVECO, our vans provide us with the transport we need to provide others with bicycle transport. We use them in almost every aspect of our programmes, including:

  • Transporting spare parts to Qhubeka bicycle mechanics
  • Getting our team and our marketing material to events, like bicycle distributions and fundraising opportunities, so they can set up
  • Transporting bicycles to smaller distribution ceremonies (for bigger ones, we arrange truck delivery)
  • Logistics for our bicycle mechanic training programmes
  • Office deliveries and transport
Cape Epic South Africa-3536 IVECO

Using the van for a bicycle distribution event near the Absa Cape Epic in 2016. Photo by Jeff Kennel.

Thanks to IVECO for helping us to mobilise more people with bicycles!

Iveco dailies

Delivery of Bicycles to Vosloorus IVECO

Delivering bicycles to Vosloorus

Loading with carriers from Pabar

Loading and transporting carrier parts.

Pabar carriers to be taken to MRDP