#BicyclesChangeLives T-Shirts: FREE DELIVERY (until 21 September)

Wear and show your support the work we do to provide freedom, independence and a better life with bicycles when you purchase our #BicyclesChangeLives t-shirts through the stores below

We know you love getting our goods on your doorstep for free. So it’s happy days for all shoppers from 13–21 September, and there’s no minimum order value either!


Free delivery without minimum order value (till 21 September) // Code “SUNSET16“)

Click on your region to go to the most relevant shop for you. If your region isn’t featured you can order from the global store.

If you’re ordering from South Africa you can order here. The discount code does not occur in this store but the items have no import tax or duties and lower postage so you still win!

If you’re looking for bracelets and live outside South Africa you can order those by clicking here. (Discount code does not apply for shipping in the bracelet store)

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