Blessing’s new bike

Blessing is a dedicated gardener who works seven days a week tending his employers’ gardens to save money to send to his family in Malawi. Ian and Joan, a couple who live in Somerset West, are one of Blessing’s employers. They decided to purchase a Qhubeka bicycle for Blessing to help him with better transportation. Until now, Blessing has travelled by mini-bus taxi and by foot.

“He tells me his taxi fare is just under R600 per month, so this bike is going to save him a large slice of his wages which he can then send home to Malawi to support his children,” says Joan. “Ian bought a few other bits and pieces for the bike and for Blessing (for that is the name his Mom Christened him with, and a blessing he is too).  He got a snazzy arm band thing which has tiny flashing lights, powered by a small battery, and a front and back light.  Also some elastic straps with hooks for the carrier, and a smallish backpack for Blessing to wear as well if he has extra things to carry, such as his work clothing or groceries to take home.”

Ian and Joan took this photo of Blessing with his brand new bicycle. His smile says it all!

blessing and his bike

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