Chamizo stocking Qhubeka bracelets in Belgium

For all our Belgian Qhubeka fans, you can now buy a beaded bracelet in support of Qhubeka from the Chamizo bike shop in Sint-Katelijne-Waver, just outside Mechelen.

Paul from Chamizo sent us these pics and tells us that the staff are all wearing bracelets. He’s on a mission to drum up some publicity for Qhubeka and has already seen his work pay off with two articles in the Belgian press (see here and here).

Chamizo Bike Shop - 22.12.2014 (2) Chamizo Bike Shop - 22.12.2014 (3)  Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.56.38 AM

“Each time customers are at the counter to pay, they are informed about the Qhubeka initiative and that seems to help,” he says. Thank you Paul and team Chamizo! We appreciate your support.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.56.12 AM


“De Maretak” (The Mistletoe) is a day and residential care home in Duffel, near Mechelen, Belgium, which supports and cares children and young people with life limiting conditions, mainly caused by e-palsy and multiple disabilities. 17 children and 5 young adults are in daily care while between 2010 and 2013, three residential units for 9 residents each were built. De Maretak recently joined the many individuals and groups of supporters and an in-house Cycleforce Bracelets sale raised the equivalent of one Buffalo Bike, which – given the rather limited number of staff – can be considered a real success. The picture: staff members Elly, Lucas and Lynn, with two children, Arne Jacobs and Margot Larivière at “Woning 1”. They are holding the Bike-Box and bracelets box. These Boxes are currently on a second “tour” around the premises to raise more money. Whether lives are measured in days, weeks, months or years, these wonderful caregivers are there to make every moment count.

De Maretak Residential Centre got us 1 Buffalo Bike! 04.03.2015

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