Coca-Cola®: helping Qhubeka get more people on bicycles

For many people Coca-Cola® plays a big part in their journey with Qhubeka as they move forward.

Here you can see a recycling centre. To earn a red Coca-Cola® branded bicycle from Qhubeka, people collect 4000 PET bottles, which are then collected by Wildlands Conservation Trust to be recycled.Picture1


Meanwhile, the red Coca-Cola® branded bicycles are assembled by women at the Qhubeka assembly plant.



This creates jobs for women from the local community, who are provided with bicycle mechanic training.



When the bicycles are ready, they are packed to be transported for delivery to the community members who have successfully completed the initiatives referred to above.



This is what a finished Coca-Cola® bicycle looks like:



The day of the bicycle handover is a celebration for the whole community as people come together to receive the bicycles they have worked for.



The bicycles stand ready to be collected, each with a helmet and backpack.



Excitement is building among these community participants as they wait to take ownership of their red Coca-Cola® branded bicycles.



Some community participants have earned more than one bicycle. This participant is the proud owner of nine brand new bicycles. She, like many other Qhubeka bike-preneurs, may decide to rent out some of these bicycles or sell them to other community members to bring in additional income for her household.


The youngsters are excited too – many of them will use a bicycle earned by the family to get to and from school every day, cutting down their commute time by up to 75%.

Qhubeka youngsters


To date, Coca-Cola® has handed over 357 bicycles to members of the Vosloorus community.



These bicycles will change the lives of their owners. With mobility comes access to opportunity.



Thank you Coca-Cola® for helping Qhubeka get more people on bicycles!Picture12

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