Colin Cooper takes his Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle into the wild

Colin Cooper has put his Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle to good use. He has previously cycled a 300km ride, following the Groot Marico River, in just 24 hours with his daughter Bianca, and now the retired engineer has constructed himself a trailer to tow behind his bicycle so that he can embark camping trips with his bicycle.

“I took the bicycle and trailer for a 200km camping trip two weeks ago,” he says. “This was an unsupported trip. I carry all my camping gear, food and clothes on the bike and in the trailer. The whole combination of bike, trailer and kit weighs 55kg, so it was a mission to pedal on the uphills.

“Before I left, I changed the gear ratio from 42/20 to 36/20, but I think I need to reduce it a bit more to make for efficient riding. The route was 90% on dirt roads around the Marico region of North West Province and included a long climb from 1100m to 1550m and onto the Highveld. This is hopefully one of many Tours to come, and I invite other riders to join me on these voyages of self-discovery.”

Following his camping trip, Colin also entered the Groot Marico Mountain Bike Race, a 23km event, on his Qhubeka Bufffalo Bicycle. Here he is at the start of the race:

Colin Cooper_MTB-pic-Start

“I finished second man home at an average speed of 21 kph on a hilly but not technical route,” he says. “I have to admit it wasn’t the strongest field, but it was great fun starting in last place and passing all those expensive bicycles!”

Colin has two Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles and has modified both. We plan to showcase what he’s done soon in a “Pimp by Bike” post. Until then, here are some photos of Colin and his bicycle with trailer.

Colin Cooper_bike trailer 1
Colin Cooper_bike trailer

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