Bid for your own Pimped Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle

Bianca and Colin Cooper have been faithful Qhubeka supporters and this month Bianca and her colleague Dr Urvashi Pather, through their company ER Consulting Inc, are hosting a fundraiser at the Barnyard Theatre at Cresta, Johannesburg on the evening of 16 July for the show Forever Young.

Bianca explains that she and her dad, Colin, support Qhubeka as they believe strongly in the principle behind it, which is to give a hand up, not a hand out. “By rewarding people with bicycles for their achievements, you not only provide immediate benefit with the bike itself, but also engender the spirit of entrepreneurship and self-help in the community,” she says. “Also, the Buffalo Bicycle is a bike for life, which means that the recipient will reap the rewards for many years.”

The Barnyard fundraiser event promises to be an evening of entertainment and enjoyment, as well as an opportunity for people to support Qhubeka. Half of the ticket price will be donated to Qhubeka (R80 per ticket) and there will also be a raffle on the night with two weekends away in the Groot Marico region up for grabs.

“The Groot Marico is a quiet area of South Africa where Colin has lived for several years and I have been a frequent visitor since then,” says Bianca. “There is a charm about the town and surrounds which never fails to enthrall visitors and restore weary minds. It is home to artists, thinkers and people who have given up the craziness of the big cities for the simple life. The last clean river in North West runs past the town to which it gives its name and water. Preserving this gem of cultural and environmental importance has been an ongoing mission in our lives. Although a Joburger by definition, I never feel more at home than on the dirt roads of the Groot Marico (on my faithful Qhubeka Buffalo bike, of course).”

These two gorgeous pimped Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles will also be auctioned off during the show interval.

pimped bike for barnyard 2 pimped bike for barnyard 3

Colin has arranged for Qhubeka Cycle Force bracelets to be given to each guest from the Bead Coalition as a take-home reminder for the attendees.

If you’re interested in supporting the event, here are the details:

Time: 19h00 for 20h00

Venue: Barnyard Theatre at Cresta

Ticket price: R160.00 per person

For more information or to book, contact biancac@erconsulting.co.za or urvaship@erconsulting.co.za.

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