Gary Player thrilled with Buffalo Bicycle

On Tuesday, 12 May, Qhubeka presented golfing icon Gary Player with a one-of-a-kind signature Black Knight Buffalo Bicycle to thank him for his part in raising almost R5million rand for the non-profit.

Qhubeka founder, Anthony Fitzhenry, presented the bicycle to Gary Player at his farm in the Karoo.

We asked him to share his experiences of the day in his own photos and words:

Gary Player Karoo Farm

Such a special day today. I drove to Bloemfontein where I met up with Beatrix, Gary Player’s PA. Together we drove to his farm in the Karoo to personally deliver his Black Knight International signature bicycle.

Gary Player Black Knight bicycle

The Gary Player Black Knight signature bicycle is one-of-a-kind.

Through the Gary Player Invitational, Gary Player has been instrumental in raising nearly R5million for Qhubeka. Gifting him with this bespoke bicycle is the least we could do to thank this champion on the golf course and a champion for human kind.

Gary Player dog and bicycle

The Black Knight, his dog, the trusty companion that never leaves his side, and his new steed!

gary player bike

Our best bicycle yet! The Black Knight Super Steed!

Gary Player cycles

Such a privilege to be hosted by this man on his farm today! Gary Player will be 80 in November. He is such an amazing ambassador for South Africa and a global champion for golf. It was so heartwarming to see him at peace and enjoying his farm today.

Gary Player bicycle

The Black Knight Buffalo Bicycle. Black under coat. Gold leaf decals. Double high-gloss overcoat.

Gary player golf lesson

After giving his PA, Beatrix and I, a lesson in track standing a bicycle, the master of golf took us on a tour of his new “sustainable golf course project”.

“Do you see the green over there Anthony and Beatrix?” he asked.

Gary Player train

“This is one of my favourite times of day… when the train passes through the farm,” said Gary Player. “Make sure you get the shot when the train passes above the golf green.”

Gary Player golf swing

“It’s amazing at my age I am hitting the ball better than I have ever done before. I just wish I had been this good when I was younger.” Gary Player

Gary Player 2015

Gary Player: “How was that shot? No golf T-Shirt!”

Anthony Fitzhenry: “Yes in your gardening shirt and shoes… Wow!”


No other athlete in this history of South Africa has given more to charity. Thank you Mr. Player! The drive was worth every minute… such an inspiration!

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