Girona Gala 2017 steps it up!

Last year in October, the inaugural Girona Gala raised €8 000 for Qhubeka. This year, the event enjoyed even more support. While the final figures are not yet available, Girona Gala organisers Nathan Haas (who rides for Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka) and Laura Fletcher (of Cassette Media) say that the funds raised are in excess of €10 000 – enough to fund around 50 Qhubeka Bicycles!

Photos by Ben Broomfield: benbroomfield.com, @photobenphoto

“It’s been a pleasure over the last two years to work with Qhubeka on such a close basis,” says Nathan. “It gives real purpose to my cycling and racing. We have such a strong community here in Girona that transcends team lines, and this is the perfect way to activate such a vibrant group around an amazing cause, that the whole peloton and industry are behind. I love the chance to be able to present Qhubeka to a wide audience and give fans a chance to really get involved in such a big way. We can’t wait for the 2018 event!”

“I’ve always loved cycling and the fact that it crosses over so many social boundaries and constructs,” says Laura. “It is one of the few truly universal things, along with pancakes. Organising the gala is a wonderful chance to bring together pro road cyclists, fans, community and more to support cycling in a way that may be very different for them, but still holds the same universal joy, mobility, and laughter. It’s been brilliant this year to see how much the town and other businesses got behind the dinner as well, really taking over Girona with the event for the weekend. The next step? Getting a date in the diary for next year, so we can make it even better!”

A big thanks to everyone involved in making the second Girona Gala a wonderful evening! See more photos in The Peloton Brief gallery.