#GiveMonthly to fund Qhubeka Bicycles

Bicycles are amazing machines. They’re quite simple – two wheels and a metal frame – and yet they have the ability to change lives and communities in exciting ways. Bicycles can connect people in Africa to schools, jobs, shops and each other.

You can help to provide bicycles to those who can benefit most from them by choosing to invest a small amount every month. From just $15US or R238 per month, you can fund a Qhubeka Bicycle to help someone travel further and faster, and to access new places and opportunities.

By joining our monthly giving community, you can help people like Meagan:

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Qhubeka’s programmes have a work-to-earn element, so the bicycles that you fund will be distributed to people who have earned them by growing trees, recycling waste, committing to improve their school attendance or their outputs at work, or in various other ways. Whatever they do to earn their bicycles, the result is always the same: a community that is more connected.

When you join our monthly giving community and fund a bicycle, you help to:

  1. Connect communities to basic services
  2. Reduce inequality
  3. Improve people’s health

Sign up now, and help to provide wheels to someone in 2017.

Join #GiveMonthly to fund Qhubeka Bicycles