Colin Mkosi

Heroes on Bikes #1 – Meet Colin Mkosi



The COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of lockdown restrictions have starkly highlighted the massive persistent poverty and need that many communities face throughout South Africa.
The pandemic has also shown that cycling can emerge as a mode of transport that is particularly well adapted to the new “normal”. A bicycle allows community members to move about whilst respecting physical social distancing rules, offering a real alternative to public transport.
Qhubeka is partnering with key bicycle related Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in South Africa, the Western Cape Government Department of Transport and Public Works and donors from all over the world to support projects to put more community heroes on bicycles.
The key goal of the “Heroes on Bikes” campaign is to provide bicycles to essential workers. This will enable them to have safe, reliable and convenient transport to reach township communities.
The campaign is also supporting local community micro-entrepreneurs to grow their bicycle businesses. Basic bicycles can quickly be converted to “cargo” bicycles by attaching a crate to the carrier on the back. This allows these businesses to support and service their local community with greater efficiency.
Over the next week we will share a few “Heroes on Bikes” stories.



Tour de France United

Western Cape Government

Individual Donors



Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN)

Pedal Power Association (PPA)

Khaltsha Cycles



“The lockdown had a positive impact on our business because people are reluctant to go outside and a service like ours is helpful.”  Colin Mkosi

Colin Mkosi is an entrepreneur with a passion for community upliftment and the fight against youth unemployment. He is the founder of Cloudy Deliveries, a bicycle courier service, that collects groceries, take-aways and medication for residents and then drops it off at their houses in return for a R9 fee.

Initially the service was aimed at helping the elderly residents in Langa but when the lockdown restrictions were implemented the service became a hit with the locals.

This youth-bases business currently works with 21 teen entrepreneurs and is looking to extend into other communities.

On Mandela Day, which was celebrated on the 18th of July, Cloudy Deliveries delivered some hope to their community when they assisted in delivering food parcels to identified homes using their bicycles.



Thanks to the Tour de France and the #TDFunited campaign close to 1,000 bicycles have already been funded to change the lives of heroes in this crazy COVID-19 affected year.

You too can now also unite behind the cause and help bring more bicycles to those in need.


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