How a bicycle changed Simphiwe’s life

“You have no idea how the bicycle has changed my life. My wish is that all my friends and family members could get bicycles too,” says 13-year old Simphiwe. 

Simphiwe received his bicycle through our Bicycle Education Empowerment Programme (BEEP) on 28 August 2014 while in Grade 10. He looks serious as he talks about how with his bicycle he is now able to leave home at 7:30am and get to school early at 8:10am. A journey that used to take 90 minutes on foot now takes him 40 minutes by bicycle.

Simphiwe relates how before he had his bicycle he would sometimes fall asleep in class because of how tired he got from the long distances he walked to and from school each day. The worst days were the ones when it rained during winter. He now uses the time he saves walking to school to help with cleaning at home and do his homework.

Watch the video and find out why Simphiwe wants to be a pilot:

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