2019 Qhubeka Orlando DC

How bicycles help during national disasters

2019 Qhubeka Orlando DC

Minibus taxi in Soweto, South Africa captured by ZC Marketing Consulting

/  Less time spent in congested public transport:

In South Africa, many people travel in two to three different minibus taxis – considered a high-risk environment – per trip to reach their destination. Travelling by bicycle means they are not in close confines or in crowds at transport hubs, which helps with social distancing.

/  Increased mobility for healthcare workers:

Bicycles help healthcare workers to visit more patients and communities to access healthcare services.

/  Increased mobility for community safety volunteers:

Bicycles assist with more visible and effective security patrols, boosting safety for everyone.

/  Less money spent on public transport:

Travelling by bicycle frees up people’s cash to spend on other necessities, which is particularly important in times like these.

/  Increased ability to transport goods: 

Our bicycles are designed to carry up to 100kg, meaning people can minimise their trips by carrying more in one go.

/  Ability to exercise when sports clubs and gyms are shut:

Bicycles provide people with a means to keep fit, which is important for overall health, in the fresh air, solo, while sports clubs, team activities, school sporting events and gyms are closed.