Isaac - Polka Dot Jersey

Isaac – Polka Dot Jersey

“The best thing about being a Qhubeka mechanic is helping students to cycle safely.”

Isaac is a Qhubeka mechanic, based in Giyani, a rural area of the Limpopo province. He says that becoming a bicycle mechanic has changed his life – specifically the business training and resources he has received. “I have learned a lot about business – how it works and how I must operate as a mechanic and how to manage money and spare parts,” Isaac says. “My business goal is to own my own bicycle workshop.”

The polka dot jersey is awarded to the “King of the Mountains” – the first rider to reach the peak of a designated climb. We believe that bicycles are tools that can help to address seemingly mountainous challenges South Africa faces, such as extreme poverty and unemployment. Bicycles are tools of change that can help people to create micro businesses and generate income.