IVECO and Qhubeka: transporting hope

IVECO South Africa has kindly donated two vehicles to Qhubeka: a Stralis Truck and a daily panel van.

The Stralis truck will be used to transport recycling from the Recycling For Life initiative, run by Qhubeka’s programme partner, Wildlands. Recycling For Life is a recycling collection, baling and sales unit that collects recycling from a network of individuals, schools, businesses and residential collection points. The material for recycling is sorted and baled at a depot near Midmar Dam, a depot in Durban and Richards Bay and is then sold to a number of different recyclers. The IVECO Stralis Truck will collect recycling from the Pietermaritzburg, Durban and Richards Bay recycling depots and take it direct to market. This ultimately means a cost saving, making the waste collection operation more financially viable. This truck will also assist with the reliable transportation of glass to Johannesburg from Pietermaritzburg and Durban.

The daily panel van from IVECO will be used at the Wildlands Wild Series events. Modifications to the vehicle have included applying Tuff Guarding, covering up the panel gaps in the vehicle and rubberising the interior. A tow bar is being installed and vehicle branding will follow.

Here you can see what the branded vehicles will look like.

Iveco trucks 1Iveco trucks 2

Thanks to IVECO for helping Qhubeka to transport hope!


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