Johannes and his sturdy Buffalo bike

Johannes is a part-time gardener for the Walls family who lives in Pretoria in South Africa’s Gauteng Province. He is the proud owner of a yellow Buffalo bike from Qhubeka, purchased for him by Anni Walls, his employer, to assist him in getting to and from work.

Johannes and bike

“Johannes has been doing part-time work for me for the past 10 years,” says Anni. “He is very reliable and hardworking, and has always chosen to cycle to his workplaces in order to save money on transportation costs, which would be a large chunk of his well-earned salary.”

Anni has helped Johannes with his transportation needs while he has worked for the family, providing him with a second hand bicycle or buying him a bike to ensure he always had a means of cycling to work.

“His bicycle is to him what our car is to us: a very important means to an end,” she says. “The bikes he has had in the past have proved to be less hardworking and reliable than Johannes. I have constantly had to replace parts and service the bicycles, at great expense, and when he once again needed a part for the derailleur on his bike, I decided
that enough was enough: a new path needed to be followed.

“I had seen a bike at an expo once, and after some research, found out it was a Buffalo Bike from Qhubeka, a bike specifically created for African conditions. So I bought one for Johannes. It was delivered the same day and we haven’t looked back. Not only is it a well built, sturdy, functional and attractive bike, but it also came with a bell, pump, lock and helmet.”

Anni notes that Johannes loves his bicycle and is extremely proud of his “wheels”. She implores all employers to consider purchasing a Buffalo bicycle for their employees who are able to cycle to work. “It would make a huge difference in their lives, and yours too,” she explains. “It would mean that their attendance would be reliable, as they would not have to rely on public transportation, and it would also save them a lot of money.”

Alternatively, she suggests buying the bicycle upfront and allowing willing employees to pay it off in monthly increments.

If you would like to purchase a Qhubeka Buffalo bicycle, email raeleen@qhubeka.org.

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