Join the Qhubeka #CycleResolution this January

Many of us set fitness goals for fun at this time of year, but 500 000 children in South Africa walk the comrades marathon 23 times a year (that’s over 2070km) just to get to school and back. Make your New Years resolution count and help us break the cycle of poverty for kids in South Africa.

Walking to school is good exercise as long as the distance is reasonable. An average person can walk 2km to 3km in half an hour. According to information released by Statistics South Africa in July 2014, half a million South African children walk for more than an hour to school, which means every day they may be walking more than 12km to school and back.

Bicycles are the most effective and economical method of quickly addressing this problem.

Make a difference in the New Year through our Cycle Resolution Fitness Challenge and help a child go to school…faster.

Just choose any personal fitness goal you like…run, walk, bike, swim, yoga, golf, martial arts, dance…whatever! and get your friends and family to sponsor you – or sign up themselves, – and raise money to fund bicycles for children in South Africa.

How does it work?

  1. Set yourself a personal fitness challenge and fundraising goal to be completed in the first 30 days of 2015 (or if you’re coming to the party late then 30 days from now).
  2. Create and share your online fundraising page with your friends and family.
  3. Complete your challenge and help change lives.

We’ll be with you at every step of the way providing useful fundraising resources, support and updates on others taking part are doing.

I’m in, sign me up 

What can my fundraising do?

Funds you raise help provide bicycles to children who currently walk 5km or more to school. Having a bicycle means they attend school more often, get there less tired and have more time to do homework which results in improved academic results.

R2 150  – could provide a bicycle for one child to get to school

R4 300 – could provide two children with bicycles to get to school 75% faster

R10 750 – could provide five children with bicycles and the chance to increase their school attendance which in turn could lead to better grades

Need ideas?

Take a look at our list of 38 Great Fundraising ideas or take a look in the Qhubeka Fundraising Kit for resources.

What ever you choose we can’t wait to hear about it so make sure you use the hashtag: #CycleResolution when posting on social media.

Get the t-shirt

Fundraise R4 300 or more during the year and you will unlock the ability to purchase a limited edition Qhubeka Fundraiser Tee.

Qualifiying fundraisers from the #CycleResolution Challenge will be sent an email on 16 February which will include a link to purchase the Qhubeka Fundraiser Tee.

Orders will ship 3-4 weeks after the order date.

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