#MechanicMondays – Appearance Sibuyi

Qhubeka aims to train bicycle mechanics in the communities in which we work, which ensures the bicycles we distribute get the maintenance and service they need, keeping them in riding condition. It also helps to create new economic opportunities for the mechanics, who are trained not only in how to maintain and repair bicycles, but also in basic business skills.

Every once in a while, we pick a Monday to introduce you to one of the Qhubeka-trained mechanics. Today, we’d like you to meet Appearance Sibuyi.

Appearance Sibuyi lives and works in Giyani, in Limpopo province, where he services and repairs the bicycles of schoolchildren in our learn-to-earn programmes in the communities.

He says the best part of his mechanic training was the “Business in a box”, which provides basic business training and tools. “I acquired a lot of knowledge about sales. And that helps me also to sustain my business and elevate it to the next level,” he says. “I know how to market my business in order to have lot of customers.”

“I work collaboratively with learners where I do the bicycle maintenance, which helps me to have a strong relationship with them. Furthermore, the bicycle mechanic programme helped me to understand and find out the God-given gift in me – the gift of working for people.”

Appearance says the best part of being a Qhubeka mechanic is “paying something back to the community”. He says, “I sincerely work for the community to see no child going to school with his/her bicycle unattended to.”

His goal for the next year is to extend his reach. “I want to stretch out my hand to help even the community members in the surrounding areas with bicycle maintenance and spare parts,” he says.

By supporting Qhubeka programmes, you also ensure more mechanics like Appearance are trained and have the opportunity to build a sustainable livelihood. For more information on how your organisation can support enterprise development programmes like this, contact Matt.