#MechanicMondays: Gopolang Patrick Loeto

Qhubeka aims to train bicycle mechanics in the communities in which we work, which ensures the bicycles we distribute get the maintenance and service they need, keeping them in riding condition. It also helps to create new economic opportunities for the mechanics, who are trained not only in how to maintain and repair bicycles, but also in basic business skills.

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Gopolang Patrick Loeto.

Gopolang is a Qhubeka Bicycle Mechanic from South Africa’s North West province who was trained in the Marico Rural Development Project (MRDP) region.

He says his favourite part of the training programme was learning how to assemble and dis-assemble the bicycles. “This is something that I wanted to know all these years and know I truly do,” he says. “Since I became a Qhubeka mechanic I can now look after the bicycles in my community and keep myself busy with something positive.” Click to Tweet.

“I am now able to repair bicycles in the community for a means of income, also to put food on the table with the repairs I do,” says Gopolang. “My business goal is to work hard and to try to find funding to grow my business.”

By supporting Qhubeka programmes, you help to ensure more mechanics are trained and have the opportunity to build a sustainable livelihood. For more information on how your organisation can support enterprise development programmes like this, contact Matt.