Meet Kevin and his amazing Qhubeka candyfloss bike

We think this is one of the coolest things anyone has ever done with a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle. Kevin Marcal has turned his bike into a hand-powered, mobile candyfloss business!

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Here’s a clip of how it works:

“I have been working on and off on my fluff stuff bikes for more than a year,” says Kevin. “I love designing out of the ordinary contraptions. The idea from the beginning was to design a kit that someone can bolt to their bicycle and voila – you’re in business.”

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Kevin says he struggled to find a strong bicycle that he could recommend to people that are interested in the candyfloss idea. “That’s where the Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle comes into the picture. I saw one in an MTN shop, googled it and the story behind it, and I knew I had found the one,” he says. “A friend and I tested our Buffalo bicycles out on a four-day round trip and didn’t even have a puncture.”

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“I always wanted to build a bike-powered candy floss machine as I have never seen one, but the Chinese have been doing this for years. I’m very excited about getting the candyfloss bikes going now that the first bike is up and running. I have received a trading permit from the health and safety authorities as well.”

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Kevin hopes that his mobile candyfloss machine will provide business opportunities for South Africans who are looking to earn an income. Click here to Tweet this to help him spread the word.

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