Movie ForQhubeka

Who doesn’t love a good film? Grab your popcorn and your friends and hold a Movie ForQhubeka fundraising event! You can Movie ForQhubeka however you like – at home on your couch, at the cinema, or a venue of your choice… it’s up to you!

Movie ForQhubeka is one of our five new ForQhubeka fundraising categories. We chose the name “ForQhubeka” because you really can do anything you like for Qhubeka. But we thought we’d get you started with a few ideas and Movie ForQhubeka is one of them.

The idea is simple – sign up to Movie ForQhubeka by registering on our site and paying a fee of $10, which gives you access to our Movie ForQhubeka fundraising toolkit. You then run a Movie ForQhubeka fundraiser of your choice. You could invite a few friends over for a movie marathon or go big and hire out a local venue. We’re excited to see with what you’ll come up with!

In your Movie ForQhubeka toolkit, you’ll get:

  • Movie ForQhubeka fundraising ideas
  • Movie ForQhubeka logo
  • Fundraising guide
  • A movie event invitation template
  • A movie poster template
  • Movie ticket template
  • Foldable popcorn box template

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