Nobuhle’s Story

Nobuhle is in Grade 9 and says that riding her Qhubeka Bicycle is good training for driving a motorbike (she’d like to me a motorcycle driver when she grows up). She lives in the Bergville region of South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province.

“My bike has assisted me by arriving early and carefully at school,” she says. “If there is an emergency, I am able to ride my bike very quickly and help my family members. It is very precious to me. My home is far from the school, so my bike is helping me to be early at school. Now I’m not lazy for going to school anymore because of my precious bicycle.”

She says she’s proud of her bicycle and thankful for the helmet that it came with, which protects her against injury. “Now I spend a lot of time on studying because I won’t get anywhere without education,” she says.