Palabana: a community on the move

As many of you may know, Qhubeka is World Bicycle Relief’s programme in Africa. World Bicycle Relief works in numerous other areas around the world and has been helping to mobilise people through the power of bicycles since 2005.

World Bicycle Relief’s 2015 year-end donations campaign, Palabana: A Community On The Move, highlights how the Buffalo Bicycle has dramatically improved lives in one rural community in Zambia by increasing access to education, health care and markets. The campaign shares many individual stories of success – students, dairy farmers, small business owners and health care workers who have been able to improve their own lives, as well as the larger community around them, with the use of their bicycles. Together, they are a community on the move.

“The community of Palabana has reached a critical mass of bicycles and is now empowering itself with new access to mobility. Farmers transport milk to market, craftsmen build their business, and healthcare workers visit more patients. And students  no longer spend all their time and energy walking long distances to school with the risk of dropping out,” says FK Day, Founder and President of World Bicycle Relief. “By providing rugged, reliable transportation, we can help more students, more families and more communities like Palabana thrive. Together, we can help build sustainable change and long-term independent communities like Palabana through The Power of Bicycles.”

See for yourself the difference that bicycles have made for the people of Palabana:


To hear the students, health care workers and small business owners tell their own stories of success, visit the World Bicycle Relief “On the move” website.