Party ForQhubeka

Party with a purpose when you Party ForQhubeka! Whatever your reason for celebrating, you can use it to fundraise for Qhubeka, from birthdays to special events to “just-because” parties.

Party ForQhubeka is one of our five ForQhubeka fundraising categories. We chose the name “ForQhubeka” because you really can do anything you like for Qhubeka, and if you want an excuse to have a party, this one is for you! You can keep it simple (like a dinner party or wine-tasting with a few friends) or use it as an excuse to have a big bash (for a milestone birthday or the themed gala dinner you’ve always wanted to organise).

The idea is simple – sign up to Party ForQhubeka by registering on our site and paying a fee of $10, which gives you access to our Party ForQhubeka fundraising toolkit. You then run a Party ForQhubeka fundraiser of your choice.

If you register for Party ForQhubeka, we’ll send you:

  • Party ForQhubeka fundraising ideas
  • Party ForQhubeka logo
  • Fundraising guide
  • An invitation template
  • Menu and wine list templates
  • Placemats
  • Name card templates

Find out more, see the other ForQhubeka categories or register now!