Pimp my bike: Anthony’s Buffalo Bicycle

We think our Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles are pretty good looking, but that doesn’t mean we don’t approve when people spend time and effort on personalising them.

Anthony Fitzhenry is the founder of Qhubeka. He’s customised his yellow Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle to make it something special. Here are some photos of his pimped bicycle and a list of what he changed.

If you’d like to pimp your own Qhubeka bicycle, whether you want to simply change the handlebars or give it a complete custom paint job, we’d love to feature your pimped bicycle on our website. Read more about how you can purchase and pimp your Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle.

Anthony and his pimped bicycle:

 Anthony with Bicycle2


  • Kickstand
  • Metal Fenders
  • Rear Rack
  • Chain Guard
  • Original handlebars
  • Original bell
  • Original saddle
  • Original pedals


  • Soft rubber grips
  • Riser handlebar
  • Short light plastic fenders
  • VP Alloy pedals
  • Simple bell
  • Brooks antique leather saddle

Estimated Cost:



New pedals


New fender

Anthony_Bicycle Profile 1(2)

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