Play ForQhubeka

Let’s put the FUN into fundraising! Whatever your game is – poker, rummy, Scrabble or Settlers of Catan – put your skills to good use by raising funds by choosing to Play ForQhubeka! Host a games night or even a LAN tournament – the choice is yours! You can Play ForQhubeka according to your own rules.

Play ForQhubeka is one of our five ForQhubeka fundraising categories. We chose the name “ForQhubeka” because you really can do anything you like for Qhubeka, but we figured a games event is a great option that would appeal to many of our supporters.

The idea is simple – sign up to Play ForQhubeka by registering on our site and paying a fee of $10, which gives you access to our Play ForQhubeka fundraising toolkit. You then run a Play ForQhubeka fundraiser of your choice. You could organise a poker tournament with friends, get the whole family together for a boardgames night, or challenge your chess club to Play ForQhubeka.

If you register for Play ForQhubeka, we’ll send you:

  • Play ForQhubeka fundraising ideas
  • Play ForQhubeka logo
  • Fundraising guide
  • An invitation template
  • House rules poster template
  • Placemat templates (plain, chess or snakes and ladders options)
  • Name card templates

Find out more, see the other ForQhubeka categories or register now!