Qhubeka bags available at Woolworths

For all our fans living in South Africa, you now have another totes cool way of supporting Qhubeka (pun intended). These awesome shopping totes are available at Woolworths stores from 4 July.

WW Bags (2)

As part of their Good Business Journey, Woolworths is proud to support initiatives like Qhubeka. Through partnerships with their customers and organisations like Qhubeka, Woolworths is increasing awareness of the social issues in South Africa, while actively supporting social upliftment projects in South Africa. Through the sale of each bag, Woolworths donates R10 to Qhubeka.


The bags are created by Bags4Good, an initiative of Flint Sky. In the absence of any motivating messaging to consumers to re-use plastic bags, or provide their own shopping bags, Flint Sky proposed a turn key project to Woolworths; produce attractive, reusable bags that would engage consumers in the themes behind the company’s Good Business Journey mission. The project has delivered more than reusable shopping bags; a social enterprise project was developed to manufacture the bags. Find out more about Bags4Good here.