Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle: nominal price increase

At Qhubeka, we are committed to delivering a quality, durable Buffalo Bicycle designed for tough African terrain to each of our programme recipients. Due to inflation, the exchange rate and a price increase from our suppliers, the cost of our bicycle has increased marginally from R2750 to R2850 (including VAT). We have done our best to minimise this cost.

The price of R2850 per Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle (roughly $183) includes not only the steel-frame, sturdy bicycle itself, which has a total carrying capacity of 250kg (including a carrier rack capacity of 100kg), but also a Qhubeka helmet, lock, pump, tyre puncture repair kit and bicycle tool, as well as delivery to major centres within South Africa.

Part of the cost of each bicycle delivered to a recipient through a Qhubeka initiative also goes towards sustaining our project infrastructure. Bicycle handover events are just one element of the Qhubeka programmes, which are managed in partnership with our implementation partners. Setting up and running these programmes requires substantial resources, and a percentage of the bicycle price contributes towards the cost of the handover logistics.

This slight increase per bicycle will enable Qhubeka to continue to strive to provide the highest quality, most durable bicycles in Africa, and to mobilise more people with bicycles.

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