Qhubeka Charity invites South Africans to partner to change lives with bicycles

Qhubeka invites local organisations seeking to make a tangible and positive difference in South Africa, while meeting their business objectives and B-BBEE scorecard requirements, to partner with us. We believe that by working together, we can deliver better solutions to South Africa’s socioeconomic challenges, and every party involved benefits. Our successful public private partnerships demonstrate the value of collaboration.

Qhubeka’s name is an Nguni word that means “to progress” or “to move forward” and this is the philosophy that underpins everything we do. We are constantly seeking to help drive real social change in South Africa – helping people to progress and move forward, with the help of partners who share our goals.

We partner with companies in numerous ways, while aligning with the Codes of Good Practice:

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD)

Through Qhubeka’s wholly owned subsidiary, Real Bicycle Company (RBC), we partner with companies to maximise the impact of their ESD activities, while growing our end-to-end bicycle design, engineering and manufacturing company. RBC is a level one B-BBEE contributor and one of its core aims is to boost local skills development and create jobs. It has also been issued with its SADC Certificate of Origin, which certifies that its bicycles meet the requirements of being manufactured in South Africa. RBC is currently the process of scaling from a small-scale to medium-scale manufacturer in 2019.

RBC also offers the opportunity for organisations requiring bicycles to purchase these directly RBC, thus channelling their procurement spend to a company intent on skills transfer, creating jobs and boosting local manufacturing capacity.

Socio-Economic Development (SED)

Qhubeka partners with organisations to achieve sustainable socio-economic development that creates jobs, uplifts individuals and communities and boosts economic participation. Some of our programmes that focus on SED include our bicycle mechanic training initiatives and our adult work-to-earn programmes. These programmes focus on providing people with the tools they need to progress and move forwards.

Tax-deductible Donations

Qualifying donations* by South African taxpayers (individuals and companies) to Qhubeka are tax-deductible because Qhubeka is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that can issue a Section 18A. This allows people and companies to help change lives with bicycles, while enjoying a tax break.

Donations help to fund bicycles for people in Qhubeka’s programmes, which include learn-to-earn, work-to-earn, disaster relief, health and sports programmes.

*Donations must be made directly to Qhubeka’s bank account, as we are unable to issue Section 18A certificates via other international payment portals, such as PayPal or GivenGain. Taxpayers – natural persons, trusts, companies, or close corporations – can deduct from their taxable income, the amounts they donated to approved organisations, up to the value of 10 percent of their taxable income.

Partner with Qhubeka

To find out more about building a partnership with Qhubeka that will drive real social change, please get in touch with Matt Fendick.

Email:   matt@qhubeka.org

Tel:        +27 72 886 5829