Qhubeka facts

  • Qhubeka is an Nguni word (Zulu and Xhosa) that means to move forward or to progress. We help others do that through mobilising people on bicycles.
  • A Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle increases a person’s carrying capacity by fives times.
  • Healthcare workers can visit more than double the number of patients per day with a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle.
  • In South Africa, 12 million of the 16 million school-going children walk more than two hours to school and two hours back. With a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle, a child’s commute time is reduced by up to 75%.
  • Marks improve by an average of 25% for children who ride a bicycle to school.
  • Schools where children ride bicycles to class see attendance rates rise by 18% on average.
  • Since 2005 Qhubeka has given out over 44 000 bicycles in exchange for work done to improve communities, the environment and academics.
  • Each Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle comes with a helmet, a pump, a cable-lock and a small toolkit for basic maintenance.
  • The hands in the Qhubeka logo and branding signify that we believe in giving a hand up, not a handout.
  • You can make a donation to Qhubeka from wherever you are in world through the Qhubeka GivenGain page.

Here’s an infographic that demonstrates the difference a bicycle can make:



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