Qhubeka receives validation from CAFSA, making payroll giving possible

Qhubeka is excited to announce that we have passed the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Southern Africa due diligence process and received our validation.

What this means is that we are now able to be part of the Payroll Giving or ‘Give-As-You-Earn’ international programme developed by CAF UK, offered and facilitated locally by CAF Southern Africa since 2002.

CAF Southern Africa validates organisations receiving funding in accordance with international best-practice, to safeguard company generosity, support the accountability and effectiveness of civil society organisations and ensure that reporting and impact assessment is effective.

Now that we have our validation and have joined the Give-As-You-Earn programme, we are able to offer employees of other companies a simple mechanism to donate to Qhubeka directly from their salaries.

We are thrilled that Deloitte has already grabbed this opportunity and added Qhubeka as a beneficiary on their payroll system, meaning that employees are able to support us every month through a recurring donation directly from their salaries.

We hope that other companies will soon follow suit!

Benefits of Payroll Giving:

All employee donors are entitled to receive PAYE tax relief on a monthly basis for donations to NGOS, charities and causes that are eligible in terms of Section 18A of the Income Tax Act (up to 5% of their total remuneration). Qhubeka is registered as a public benefit organisation (PBO) and donations to us are therefore tax exempt (for South African donors).

Payroll giving offers a meaningful way for employees to support Qhubeka with much needed funding, without any ongoing effort or admin on their part.

If your organisation is interested in making payroll giving available with Qhubeka as a beneficiary, please contact info@qhubeka.org.