Qhubeka stories from Orlando, Soweto

On 13 May, Qhubeka Founder Anthony Fitzhenry took a visit to Orlando, Soweto, with his camera. His aim was to find out from a few Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle recipients how their bicycles are changing their lives.

Today’s post focuses on Kgomotso and Koketso, whose bicycles were sponsored by through the #BicyclesChangeLives campaign and in particular two of Team Dimension Data’s main sponsors, Dimension Data and Deloitte. Both children received their bicycles in the first school term of 2016 through the Urban Scholar Bicycle Programme – a partnership between City of Jo’burg and Qhubeka, which aligns with the city’s goals of sustainable development and Qhubeka’s vision of building communities of excellence powered by bicycles. 

We hope you enjoy hearing from Kgomotso and Koketso as much as we did!

Kgomotso (2)

“My name is Kgomotso. I am 13 years old. I used to get up early at 05h45 every day to walk to school by 08h00. With my bicycle, I get extra sleep and get up at 06h30. I use my bicycle every day to get to school. I was always late… now that has stopped. I also use my bicycle for lots of fun and “gymming” for health. When I leave school I want to study to become an accountant and work for Deloitte.”

Koketso 2

“My name is Koketso. I am 13 years old and I received my bicycle in the first term. I used to walk one hour to school everyday. I used to have to get up at 5h30  and now I get to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes. It now takes me 45 minutes to get to school. I stop along the route to join friends so that we cycle together for safety.

“I love everything about my new bicycle! I love cycling. I want to take it up as a sport. We are starting a cycling club at the school. With my bicycle, I can visit a lot of places I have never seen before, like Mandela Bridge and Mandela House. My late coming to school  has now stopped and I am on time every time. There is a need for many more bicycles because a lot of children are walking and students are coming late.

“My friends and family are so excited that I got a bicycle, but they want me to be careful on the roads.”

 To donate towards funding more bicycles to mobilise schoolchildren in South Africa, click here.