#QhubekaActivists: Andrew Masters & Trans Afrika

We’re profiling our awesome #QhubekaActivists – people who have signed up to raise funds for Qhubeka in a range of different ways. If you’ve raised funds for us and would like your story shared here, please email wendy@qhubeka.org. If you’d like to find out about how you can fundraise for Qhubeka, check out our Fundraising Page.

Andrew Masters from Massive Adventures, organisers of the Trans Afrika ride, spearheaded a fundraising effort that resulted in an impressive 10 bicycles being purchased for Qhubeka programme participants. These were distributed as part of a handover in Umvoti in KwaZulu-Natal on 5 March.

The Trans Afrika adventure race saw participants riding from Beitbridge in Zimbabwe to Cape Town in South Africa. “Riders of the Trans Afrika raised funds after the race to purchase bikes for Qhubeka,” explains Andy. “We also purchased Qhubeka socks to put into the riders race packs and I personally bought a bicycle for our handyman to cut down on his travelling time.”

Andy Masters

He adds that Qhubeka is a hand up not a handout charity, which the race organisers and riders can relate to. “We believe that bicycles are a great social equalizer and more people on bikes means more people being tolerant of other cyclists,” he says.

His advice to others looking to fundraise for Qhubeka? “If you want to be a successful fundraiser for Qhubeka you need to remember that fundraising needs to be driven all the time. There are hundreds of NGOs looking for your donation, but with Qhubeka you can physically see the results of your fundraising and the donors can see where their money is going. This is really important for continued support from donors. It’s important to choose charities that you believe in, charities that give back and that are professional in their fundraising efforts.”

Thanks, Andy – we’re so glad you picked us, and so are the 10 schoolchildren riding new Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles funded by Massive Adventures and Trans Afrika.

You can follow Andy’s news on Facebook (Massive Adventures and Trans-Afrika) and Twitter (@mastandy, @transafrikaSA, and @MassiveAdv).

 Become a fundraiser like Andrew! Find out more about fundraising for Qhubeka by clicking here.

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