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#Qhubekaactivists: Dawid de Wet and Toerboer

We’re profiling our awesome #QhubekaActivists – people who have signed up to raise funds for Qhubeka in a range of different ways. If you’ve raised funds for us and would like your story shared here, please email If you’d like to find out about how you can fundraise for Qhubeka, check out our Fundraising Page.

Dawid de Wet from Toerboer organised a ride and invited friends on Facebook and via email to generate awareness for Qhubeka and raised R1250.00 for us.

“Toerboer is a tour operator and we have a couple of unique mountain bike tours on offer (very special tours including a wilderness experience in a section of the Greater Kruger),” he explains. “These tours cross community land and we see it as our responsibility to get the local communities involved. Although our tours are brand new, we plan to employ staff from the villages as guides, camp assistants and back-up crew. Therefore, Qhubeka was the reasonable choice to start with and a good way for us to see what can be done in this regard and how to tackle the issue.”

He adds that cycling is a wonderful past-time and sport and a lot of fun. “But we have to remember that there are a lot of South Africans that need a bicycle to merely get around much easier, and we must never forget this while out riding. It is a privilege to travel on two un-motorised wheels,” he says.

You can read more about Toerboer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on the Toerboer website.

Become a fundraiser like Dawid! Find out more about fundraising for Qhubeka by clicking here.

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