#QhubekaActivists: Louise Michelson

We’re profiling our awesome #QhubekaActivists – people who have signed up to raise funds for Qhubeka in a range of different ways. If you’ve raised funds for us and would like your story shared here, please email wendy@qhubeka.org. If you’d like to find out about how you can fundraise for Qhubekeka, check out our Fundraising Page.

Meet Louise Michelson, who raised five bicycles for Qhubeka through her Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge fundraising efforts.

Louise Michelson

In 2014, Louise Michelson took part in her 18th Momentum 947 Cycle Challenge and decided to support the charity of choice for the company she has worked at for over 25 years – Dimension Data. The company was encouraging people to ride for Qhubeka.

“I am very passionate about using sport, exercise and the outdoors to remain fit and healthy, choosing Qhubeka was a no-brainer for me as it strongly spoke to those values,” she says. “As a youngster, I used my bicycle to take me everywhere (including to and from school) and I know from experience how much more mobile you are on a bicycle and how much time you can save that can be better used elsewhere. Also, being outdoors and doing something healthy improves your general outlook and motivation – feeling the wind blow against your face connects you to nature and gives you a great sense of well-being.”

“Using my network of contacts at Dimension Data, I actively promoted the Qhubeka charity initiate internally and very quickly realised that my colleagues were very happy to support this worthy cause (and me),” she says. “Thanks to everyone who assisted me in raising the money to fund five bicycles.”

Louise Michelson

“If being fit, healthy and motivated drives you too, then sign up with Qhubeka and get others ‘to move forward’, ‘to progress’ and ‘to carry on’,” Louise concludes.

Become a fundraiser like Louise! Find out more about fundraising for Qhubeka by clicking here.


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