#QhubekaActivists: meet Brad Roets and his #30in30 project

Brad Roets is a teacher and passionate about educating children. Knowing that many kids in South Africa struggle to get to school on time every day due to the long walking distances, Brad decided to ride the Durban Dash DOWN 2016, organised by Massive Adventures. He is using his ride to raise funds for 30 Qhubeka bicycles to help mobilise schoolchildren. He will attempt to do the  620km unsupported race route from Johannesburg to the Station Masters Arms in Hillcrest in under 30 hours, calling this his #30in30 project.


Here’s a bit more about what that entails:

Brad Roets infographicYou can find out more on Brad’s blog and make a donation on his fundraising page. You can also follow Brad’s journey on the tracker at Massive Adventures from 06h00 on 22 April 2016 as he sets off from Johannesburg.

Brad Roets pic

You can also keep up to speed with Brad’s adventures on the following platforms: