Qhubeka’s 50 000 bicycle handover

Yesterday, 11 September 2014, Qhubeka marked the 50 000 bicycle milestone and announced the auctioning of Gerald Ciolek’s Milan San Remo winning jersey to celebrate and put more kids on bicycles.

It was a busy Thursday with two handovers and 350 bicycles distributed to people who had earned them. 250 bicycles were handed over to school children in our Bicycle Education Empowerment Programme (BEEP) with World Vision South Africa. These bicycles were funded by individual donors through World Bicycle Relief. For a look at what these handovers look like you can view this handover photoblog in Limpopo and this one in Gauteng.

Another 100 bicycles were handed over to adults who have earned them through collecting indigenous seeds and cultivating them into trees of 30cm or more. 200 saplings can be bartered for one bicycle in this eco programme which is implemented by Wildlands Conservation Trust. The 100 bicycles were funded by MTN EBU.

These are some of the photos from the day:


On arrival 100 bicycles are lined up ready for to matched to their owners.

Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles

Each bicycle is tagged with a number that corresponds to the individual who has earned the bicycle. In addition each bicycle has a serial number engraved into the frame for easy identification.

Bicycle mechanic

A team of mechanics and facilitators is on hand to check that each bicycle meets our high quality specifications.


Guests from MTN EBU are shown just how many trees a person needs to cultivate to earn a bicycle.

Bicycle ownership

Prior to collecting their bike, bicycle recipients sign to say they have received their bicycle and receive a certificate of ownership linked to the serial number of their bicycle.

How bicycles change lives

A proud owner of a new Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle. The ability to earn a bicycle has a direct impact. The average household income for a family of five in Vosloorus is R2500/$250 per month. Being able to own a bicycle saves on transport costs as well as increasing a family’s carrying capacity.

Bicycles change lives

While many of the bicycles in our eco programmes with Wildlands Conservation Trust are earned by women, they benefit the whole family. Their husbands or children use the bicycle for work, while younger children use it to go to school.

Find out more about our Qhubeka Eco Programmes here. If you are a corporate who would like to fund one of these projects please email james@qhubeka.org. Our bicycles can be branded with your corporate ID if you fund 1 100 bicycles.

If you are an individual who would like to donate a bicycle please donate here.

If you’d like to order the Bicycles Change Lives t-shirt pictured at the top of this post email: info@qhubeka.org for orders. R300 + postage.

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Photo Credit: Donovon Thorne

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