Saluting the Zululand Rhino Reserve Anti-Poaching Unit this #WorldRangerDay

Every year on 31 July, #WorldRangerDay is celebrated across the globe to thank those who protect our natural environment. At Qhubeka, we are saluting the Anti-Poaching Unit at the Zululand Rhino Reserve who work to actively promote the conservation of the endangered black rhino. Their Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles help them to cover more ground as they patrol.

“Since our anti-poaching unit has been given wheels the change in the reserve has been evident,’ says Frances Hannah. “Game viewers full of tourists have been driving over bicycle tracks, which evokes the question ‘who’s riding a bike in a big 5 game reserve’? Our anti-poaching unit are men and women made of tough stuff, they fearlessly walk through lion territories and elephant pathways, through rhino middens and over fresh leopard spoor all for the protection of our rhino. They are our wildlife heroes that leave only tracks behind and keep our wildlife safe from danger. And what better companion than the tough terrain Buffalo Bicycle which helps them with their daily patrols, covering large areas and keeping a watchful eye over our reserve.”

For more information about the Zululand Rhino Reserve, visit the website.