Join the Qhubeka Buffalo MOB

Thank you for your interest in joining our grassroots fundraising community, the Qhubeka Buffalo MOB. When you choose to fundraise for us, you join Qhubeka supporters around the world who are excited to commit to mobilising people on bicycles. Whether your goal is to change the life of one entrepreneur or to provide bicycles to an entire school, we look forward to seeing how you engage your friends and community.

Where does the name come from?

We call ourselves the Qhubeka Buffalo MOB because we raise funds for Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles. The Qhubeka Buffalo bicycle is a robust bicycle engineered specifically for African terrain and load requirements. It is designed by World Bicycle Relief in Chicago USA, and tested and assembled in South Africa.

How do I get started?

1.Decide how much money you want to raise for Qhubeka

Whether you want to give up your birthday, donate a special event or do something sporty, the first task as a Qhubeka Buffalo MOB member is to choose the amount you want to raise. Your goal could be based on a single event or on the total amount you’d like to raise for Qhubeka during 2014. When you set your goal bear in mind that it costs Qhubeka R2 150.00 to deliver a Buffalo Bicycle complete with pump, lock, helmet and tool.

Some milestones you might want to aim for:

  • Raise at least 1 bicycle (R2 150)
  • Raise at least 2 bicycles (R4 300)
  • Raise at least 5 bicycles (R10 750)
  • Raise at least 10 bicycles (R21 500)
  • Raise at least 25 bicycles (R53 750)

Want to earn a Qhubeka medal of honour?

The Qhubeka Medal of Honour is awarded to Qhubeka Buffalo MOB members who go beyond the call of duty by choosing to do a fundraising ride on a Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle. While Qhubeka Buffalo MOB members can choose to ride any bicycle (or fundraise through non-cycling events or activities), those who choose to ride our 20kg steeds receive special recognition. Please note however that you will need to purchase your own Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycle to compete on as we don’t loan bicycles due to our policy to ensure that our recipients receive only the best quality new bicycles from us. 

2. Sign up

Go to GivenGain.org and set up your fundraising page.



Here are the steps to set up your GivenGain project:

  1. Create your account by logging in with Google or Facebook account
  2. Click on projects
  3. Click on “Create a new project”
  4. In the block saying: “Choose a cause” Type: Qhubeka. Press search. Select “Qhubeka the motive power movement NPC” and then click on the Qhubeka Buffalo MOB (General Donations)
  5. Under set a goal put in the amount you want to raise.
  6. Under date put the day on which you want your campaign to close/
  7. Then describe your project and why you want to raise funds for Qhubeka.
  8. Then click on create project
  9. Share your fundraising page with your friends and family. If you’d like ideas or photos you can get them here.

3. Fundraise

After you’ve signed up you can use to GivenGain to track donations made to Qhubeka in your name, and to share your fundraising efforts with supporters. Then you can start raising funds. Click here to access our fundraisers’ kit, which is full of ideas on how to persuade people to part with their cash for a good cause. It will also tell you how to download pics, facebook covers and our logo for your fundraising use.

Many Qhubeka Buffalo MOB members fundraise through sports events, but if that isn’t your thing don’t worry: you can still be part of the Qhubeka Buffalo MOB by donating your birthday or wedding gifts or having a cake sale. Take a look at our fundraising ideas in the Qhubeka Buffalo MOB starter kit for inspiration.

If you would like to fundraise through a sports event – be it the Comrades Marathon, Iron Man, Dusi or a cycling event – you will need to register for the event yourself, but please let us know which event you will be participating in.

We have charity bond entries available for some sporting events like the ABSA Cape Epic, 94.7 Cycle Tour and Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour. You can see our current events here.

For information on current charity bond opportunities email wendy@qhubeka.org.

4. Join our community

Like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter. Use the hashtags #QhubekaBuffaloMOB or #BicyclesChangeLives

If you have any queries about the Qhubeka Buffalo MOB please send an email to wendy@qhubeka.org.

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